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Legal Subscription Service

Legal Subscription Service

In today's dynamic environment managers take daily decisions that are based on the legal framework and the right choice of alternative options to ensure the success of their business. In such aspect legal services on subscription basis not only provide security but also assist business planning, proper business organization and structuring. Without adequate legal assistance significant financial and legal risks arise for companies from the stage of their registration and often not intense competition in the sector but ignorance of legal provisions and incorrect business structure lead to termination of business activities in a very short time.

In our practice we are convinced that subscription legal services build relationships of trust and efficient resolution of complex legal issues in a short time.


- Your company documents will be reviewed by our lawyers to make sure that your interests are fully protected

- Your cases will be deal with priority to other customers and companies

- You get quick and competent advice from a team of lawyers who have expertise in various fields of law;

- You save costs for legal personnel;

- You will always get timely information about changes in legislation

- You pay a monthly fixed fee, which does not depend on material interest of the transactions

- You get our guarantee for maximum efficiency and rapid response


Lawyer Bulgaria complies with the specific activities and needs of our customers in determining the subscription fee. For every customer we prepare an individual offer for subscription service meeting requirements and being consistent with our customer’s budget.