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Although we prefer mediation and negotiation as means of settling disputes when the rights and interests of our customers have been violated or threatened, we offer reliable protection through litigation. In recent years, our law office has gained extensive experience in all Bulgarian courts of all instances. Most frequently we represent customers in administrative, tax, trade, labor, civil and criminal proceedings.

Our competencies include:

- Collecting information about the case by making references to the NRA,CR, Registry Agency and analysis of the case

  • Detailed study of the property of the counter party by collecting information from public records for the purpose of securing potential claim
  • Presentation of the different action plans available to the customer
  • Preparation of a notary invitations, arranging the procedure for their handing over through a notary office and negotiation for the purposes of reaching of out-of-court agreement;
  • Securing of future claim
  • Submission of statement of claim and representation of all instances
  • Legal protection in cases of enforcement
  • Legal protection, representation before bailiffs and negotiations in enforcement proceedings