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Why we are different?

Why we are different?

There is a great variety of attorneys, law firms and consultants and in making their choice customers should carefully consider whether they can trust one or another firm. To make your informed decision we will tell you what makes us different:

We have national coverage throughout Bulgaria

We can provide you a wide range of services throughout the country. Nowadays, when business expands in geographical terms it is important to trust a firm that can provide comprehensive and efficient legal advice. Individuals and companies from all over the country rely on our professional legal advice because they are convinced in our loyalty, competence and results orientation.

We have experience across the full range of legal advice and litigation

The need for legal assistance arises from the moment of the business planning. Launching or developing an existing successful business require legal assistance for the purpose of optimizing operations and costs. The business dynamics requires an adequate response and a wide range of knowledge in different areas that our team members certainly possess.

We are consistent in our actions

Over the years we have built and improved the systems through which inform customers about any legal changes that may affect their business. We regularly inform our customers about the progress of their case, because we know how important it is to keep them informed on the novelties in their cases and lawsuits. Our lawyers also provide to customers early assessment on their case and alternatives among which to choose

We respect your time and budget

Effective time management is important for the success of yours and ours business. Our opinions are accurate, clear and understandable covering each angle of the case. Moreover, our lawyers always strive to work within the budget set by you.

We listen carefully

While we listen to the needs of our customers and understand their business sphere, we will continue to be strong and growing. In our practice we are convinced that the details are more than important and they can reverse our approach to a given case. Therefore, customers are involved in our success sharing the smallest detail for each case.